Our Process

The foundation of our products and services is the Thrive Financial Wellness Pyramid. What is my life philosophy? This deceptively simple question has no simple answer . We believe the answer to this question lays the foundation for financial wellness. A life philosophy is simply a set of the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes that an individual holds.

Everyone has a money personality – their unique relationship with money. The balanced interaction of all six of the separate aspects of the Thrive Financial Wellness Pyramid results in financial empowerment and financial wellness. We incorporate these principles into our products and services to help employees practice daily
financial wellness.


Some financial services providers offer free financial wellness programmes! Programmes that are positioned as no cost for employers tend to be paid for by other means such as selling products to employees. Think of free as a mousetrap. At Thrive, we remove any conflicts of interest around selling financial products by solely focusing on providing independent and 100% unbiased financial education, and financial coaching that enables the employer to partner their employees on their financial wellness journeys. The employer reaps the benefits of a financially well workforce with increased employee engagement, productivity, reduced absenteeism and increased participation across all employee benefits.


Every organization is different. Each employee has unique needs in his or her financial life. Our financial wellness programmes reflect this. We build customized programmes based on your needs. We don’t fit our clients into our ready-made box of products and services. Addressing how the different needs within your employee population is an important first step of our unique 7-step process.


Stanford behavioural scientist, Dr. BJ Fogg has revolutionized the thinking about employee behaviours and motivation through his research. The change formula created by David Gleicher, and refined by Kathie Dannemiller offers ways to deal with resistance to change. Dr. Christakis of Harvard University and Dr. Fowler of the University of California have made names for themselves on the science of how people form face-to-face and online connections. Dr. Maslow’s research into motivation revealed that once people feel sure that their basic needs like food, shelter and employment are met, they are motivated by the desire to feel respected and successful as a contributing member of a larger community. We transform theory into a financial wellness programme that changes long-term financial behaviours by fusing our vast expertise in financial wellness with the groundbreaking work of these distinguished scientists.