Frank Magwegwe, Ph.D., CFP® is an entrepreneur, financial life planner, educator, and coach, employee financial education and wellness expert, and professional speaker whose work has been recognized by many esteemed organizations. Dr. Magwegwe is an award-winning financial planning researcher whose interests include financial worry, financial anxiety, financial stress, financial help-seeking, financial literacy, professional financial planning, retirement preparedness, and employee financial education. His research paper, Theory of Planned Behaviour & Retirement Preparation won the 2018 AFCPE Outstanding Symposium Research Paper award.


Our Team

Each individual employee is passionate about Thrive’s mission, growth and success. The dynamic and talented members of various teams are active participants in the accomplishment of our mission through their work, ideas, and passion. We employ a talented mix of individuals who are driven by a desire to provide financial wellness to employees from all walks of life whom we care deeply about. We believe that by doing so, we will build a financially healthy society.